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By RePaTs12
It's been a long time since ACR has run a good cash game promotion. Lately, the tournament grinders have been getting all the love, with multiple tournament series', Moneymaker promotion, higher guarantees, etc. Cash games deserve some love as well, especially with the annual summer lull of action coming as people choose to get outside rather than stay inside and grind.

What promotion? Here's a list of a promos that would be good for the site and for the action. Some of these you have run in the past, some are my own idea, and some are promos your competitors have run.

Potential Cash Game Promotions:
1 - Happy Hours for RP points (double points between certain hours)
2- Double Beast $ Payout for each spot for 1 month (4 weeks). You guys used to run this one quite frequently - it always drove the action in a big way.
3 - Mo Mo Mo PLO (Prizes, Bonuses, etc for playing PLO)
4 - Hand Milestone Bonuses for a randomly selected table (Pokerstars runs this promo whenever their site reaches a milestone in total hands dealt. (Surely ACR is close to hitting some milestones? 1 billionth, 10 billionth, etc hands dealt?
5 - Extra 10% Rakeback/VIP #'s after a certain number of hands is hit for the day. (Party Poker is running this promo right now.)
6 - Bonus Rake Race based on who plays the most hands in a given 24 hour period, regardless of stake. Great way to get action across all stakes, and even the small stake grinders have a chance at good prizes.

Any of these promos would be great. It's been too long since the last cash game promotion. Thoughts? Any plans on the horizon for a nice cash game promotion?
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