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Discussion about all game offerings at ACR.
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By maxitup

I strongly suggest you relook at the current venom tournament schedule and update it. Here is what I see the problem on all days where the venom tournament is taking place you don't have any sats running until after the tournament starts!

You should be having a 20 seat $280 buyin events at 11AM EST on all three remaining day 1's. People who want to play the event on that day have no real chance of satelliting in until way after the the tournament starts.

I would also suggest you add a 5 seat nightly $280 event that starts at 8pm EST just don't make the starting # of players too high 8 will be fine and you will not have any overlay.
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By Silvia_WPN_Rep
Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Your suggestion of making an early 20-seater for $280 is very good. Please note this will need at least 25 players to start and sometimes it is difficult to achieve a high number of players pre-registering in the morning. Nevertheless, we will consider this and more late night sats.
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