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By nk8
Thanks WPN for showing much love to the great game of PLO8. Im Starting this thread to have a place to discuss all things regarding the PLO8 MTT schedule. Im gonna kick off with a recent addition to the schedule:

$160 The Lunch Nugget PLO8 10K GTD

Great to see such a bold move!
I see the tourney doesnt always kick off or fully meet its gtd, so please take good care of it to establish it longterm. Stars once had a daily $109 and ran it into the ground. Every time the gtd hadnt been met 100% they lowered it until it got so tiny that nobody bothered playing it anymore.

Here are a few tweaking suggestions (in order) to avoid the same fate:
  • move it back a little bit
    13:05 (ET) is a tad early, you might want to push it back an hour or so.
  • extend late reg
    the most discusseed topic, yet the best bet for solid gtds. This tourney currently ends late reg with 13bb+ which is more than most mtts. For sure there is space for maneuvre.
  • shifting blind levels
    As an alternative to the above which avoids a longer late reg. Start off with what currently is level 2 so stacks at the last level will be a bit shorter which causes a few more re-entries
  • lower the gtd
    try to avoid this at all costs, youll end up in a downward spiral like stars
  • lower min entries from 6 to 5 ( to avoid cancelation)
    this could hurt total runners, so only use when cancelations become too frequent,
  • remove mtt partially only
    In case all the above did not work. Instead of removing it completely just take it off the schedule on days it has perfomed bad on in the past
  • Last not least:

    GTD boost on sunday
    sunday is safe to give it a 50% gtd boost
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By WPN-Rep23

Thanks for the awesome feedback! We are making major changes to the schedule, this will be taken into consideration for sure.

We appreciate your input!
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By nk8
Unfortunately you went for the radical approach by slashing both buy-in and gtd to make it $109 5K instead.
Well, the current 5K gtd is as low as you want to go with $109 really. Any further decrease of the gtd and you will end up in a downward spiral, each time losing more players.

Again, next time have a look at making structural changes instead e.g. late reg. The mtt still closes very early at 13+ BB, which is more than most mtts and so should give you plenty of room to work with. A lot of players like having shots with 10 BB or less in the last levels of late-reg driving up the price pool.

Last not least, thanks for keeping it bigger on Sundays!
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