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Discussion about all game offerings at ACR.
Since Full Tilt Poker was shut down there is no site that currently offers anything like their Mixed Games offerings.

Daily $27 Razz with $3k guaranteed, Daily $27 HORSE with $5k guaranteed, 'Game Of The Week' where they would showcase a different mixed game each week with various buy in levels and promotions around it. These are just a few examples of the variety of offerings with healthy guarantees. And at the top level $1k/$2k fixed limit 8-Game cash games with some of the best players in the world playing in the game to a rail of tens of thousands of players.

Recently Pokerstars managed to get over 20,000 players in their 'Blowout Series' 8-Game tournament so there is clearly still plenty of demand for mixed games and I know they are particularly popular amongst the US player pool. But outside of a series there's very little on offer on other sites.

I request for ACR to bring about a new age of Mixed Games online by:

- Offering more mixed games variants including HORSE, 8-Game, Razz, for cash games and MTTs at all buy-in levels. Also SNG offerings including turbo/hyper/PKO variants
- Showcasing these mixed games as part of future series' on the site

I will happily champion and stream these on https://www.twitch.tv/pokerbrahs/ and I know of several other ACR streamers including TonyWarriorz, BetOnDrew and Chris Moneymaker who are all big lovers of the mixed games and would also help to promote them on the site.
Man I Know What You Mean 2 Days Ago I Commented On Chris Moneymakes Post On Twitter. Asking Him The Same Thing I Have Ask Phil Naggy But He Seems To Not Care. USA Player Love Triple Draw Especially Like You Say In The Old FTP Days. Chris Reply Saying This Was Something He Wanted And Was Working On It. No Other Site Offers This Like Betonline,igntiton,global,etxc. It Would Be Awesome To Play Mixed/Draw Games On Acr.
I wanted to open the link Pokerbrahs has posted, but I wasn't successful. It's a big pity because I want to become a good poker player and have no one to give me some tips. That's why I asked for help here. I even don't know what poker platform to choose. One of my brothers told me I need to be very selective in this case because many fake online casinos might steal your money. I'm afraid to become a victim, so I'm not in a hurry. I would better wait for some useful advice. Yesterday, I was reading Twitter and one guy said he won more than $3k in a few hours "Link suppressed"/ here. If you remain silent, I think I will sign up there, I can't wait anymore, ha-ha...
I am all for mixed games, but really, stud 8 cash games may run 4 games at a time, tournaments that are nightly appx 100 players(including re entry) at the $16.50. The weekly $55 does not always run. Last night there was a tremendous overly on the $11 stud 8 PKO (although a late night tourney may have been poor timing). I just don't think the demand is there for an 8 game mix. I would love to see razz but I think the fish would lose their money quicker than stud 8 and not play it. A 2 hour late reg HORSE tourney would be awesome though.
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