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By Pungentcrotchsweat
The time bank sound isn't working, whether it is custom or default. Thinking back I don't think it has been working for a while. Is there a fix/?
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By TuggSnowbarger
WPN-Rep12 wrote: Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:30 am Space where you can post newly encountered bugs. Detailed information that helps identify the problem is highly regarded and appreciated.
Attempting to resize a table causes it to move around in an erratic fashion. When the little two way arrow pops up, the table seems to drift, getting bigger and moving away from the mouse cursor. This makes sizing tables for a fixed layout like a twitch stream very difficult.
This is on windows 10 with the latest version of the poker software (ACR)
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By Pungentcrotchsweat
My color picker no longer works for the felt; it still does for the background and the card backings. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still doesn't work. When I click on the box, it doesn't bring the window up.
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By Pungentcrotchsweat
Still waiting for a solution on my color picker.
The software no longer allows me to pick my colors for the felt or card backings. This is ONLY a problem on my account using TRUE.

After countless attempts to delete and reinstall with no luck, I signed up for an account using a different email address. When I signed in to the software using this account, all of the color pickers were working.

I may have manually set the colors to an option that wasn't a color code and now the custom colors can not be changed.

I have been trying to get support to reset the color picker #s attached to my account as a possible fix. Please help!
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