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By uloseanyway
Hi, for few months already I have been experiencing this problem - sometimes during the jackpot game it just sits me out for no reason - after a hand is played, it freezes and then I am sitting out (or I have to click on Rejoin). I have to click even more than 5 times on the button until it finally sits me back, sometimes I can not do it in time and my hand is folded. This problem has started to occur since the possibility of showing hands to my opponents after they folded.
This problem happens only when I have the auto muck in settings enabled. If not, then it does not happen. It would be great if this could be fixed, because I never show my hand when my opponent folds and it just adds extra few seconds before the next hand. Also sometimes the new tournament does not pop up, I have to click on Take my seat and usually there is the Rejoin button again (this happens even when I dont have the auto muck option enabled.
Please consider fixing this in the next update.
Thank you.
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