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I'm sure this can't be an unreported bug, but since it isn't in the list and it's been a bug forever...

The client sometimes gets stuck in a disconnect-reconnect loop that it cannot get out of until (usually) the hand ends. This happens regularly to many players. You can always tell when it's happening to someone because they will switch to a disconnect timer for about 5-10 seconds, then be "reconnected" for about 2 seconds, then disconnected once again over and over until they run out of discconect time, at which point they are properly reconnected to the server. Sometimes people get reconnected and are able to act, but it's not common.

This seems to happen most often when there is a background process running that steals away too much CPU time from ACR. I've noticed that if I happen to be updating an Excel sheet or doing some other CPU intensive work while I'm playing, that is when the problem seems to always hit.

Even disconnecting from the table and reconnecting doesn't fix the issue, but it's clear the problem is with the software and not the network because other tables will continue playing normally without any disconnect at all.

This is not a terribly difficult bug to reproduce. Just run the client on a slow computer and bog down the system with some intensive hard drive activity and CPU activity that causes ACR to bog a little bit and the problem appears regularly.
Yesssssssss. Oh man this is annoying. And it always happens in the middle of a hand. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the ACR software but it does not help. I have even closed out other programs running in the background and still, no change. I have counted and it seems that after 20 reconnect/disconnects then everything goes back to normal. It happens to me every 1.5-2 hours of continuous play. Sometimes it even happens as soon as a take my seat in a tourney or SnG.

Other folks chime in please. It cannot just be 2 of us.
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