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By cmonk33
So ive been having issues for weeks,

Im on windows 10 pro,
got a intel core i5-6500 cpu 3.20ghz processer
32g of ram

running bcp on administrator tables start crashing once I get more then 6 up its constantly laggy and and I'm placed to sitting out or the table is at the loading screen I've contacted support and gotten nowhere no response I've posted videos to my google drive . task manager showing 25%. Ive used table tamer, I've shut it off completely and still the same issues I've reformatted my PC, I've uninstalled, I've ran the program compatibility wizard ...

https://drive.google.com/open?id=14G3Nd ... b_JzMGN44C
https://drive.google.com/open?id=14G3Nd ... b_JzMGN44C
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QswUI ... mp1diTXD2H

yesterday I found a very old PC I had and tried loading bcp I loaded 10 tables up fine with no issues the problem the PC is old and cant handle much more then that amount of tables whatever is not reacting with this pc
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hey cmonk, thanks for posting.
sorry for the late reply.
We are working on improving the issues shown in the videos you sent, this doesn't seem to be a problem that happens to everyone that is multi tabling 8+ but we've had several reports and are looking into it, I've sent your videos so the guys can add them to their investigation.

There are several factors that can be in someway causing these effects: from comp specs, ISP internet quality, to site high traffic load on servers at certain times of the day, on bad days a combination of those can turn into a real shit storm we know.

We continue trying to optimize cpu and memory usage for high multi tabling players (these behaviors might be less noticeable in higher end PCs), we are pretty much running updates on a weekly basis and as soon as possible we will schedule improvements for release.

ACR and BCP client are the same version so in theory there wouldn't be any difference, nevertheless if you decide to try using the ACR client and could provide feedback the information would be greatly appreciated.

I do have some quick questions:
- from your first post, did you mean that you 10 tabled in an old PC and did not experience any issues? was this a normal type session for you? duration and amount of tables?
- does the problem happen after a certain amount of time? meaning for example that you could play 8 tables fine for 20 mins and then out of no where start getting connection lag?
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By cmonk33
When I play a session, it depends on the lag of the games, but I generally try to keep loading a mix of On demand and 6 max and 9 mans so i have 6-8 tables, At 6 tables everything is generally smooth, at 7 and 8 it generally starts crashing, disconnecting, or i get the table loading screen followed by multiple sit out and the table freezing where i cant tell if its running .

I was asked by a fellow grinder who talks to some support guys to try playing on another machine and see if the issues are similar now my machines are much different i have a $5,000 PC that i build 2 years ago that i listed the specs, and then i have a old computer from college that i got 8 years ago that has 1/10 of the specs. My test was on the "pos" computer and i just tried to play 2$ jackpot sngs which i always kind of try as a test to add or remove tables. I loaded 10 didn't see one disconnect it was night and day in playing which leaves me to believe something isn't communicating with my " good" pc correctly .

I would also say there is no determined time, during higher traffic Sundays i see more lag and may have to reduce to 5 tables where as Monday morning i can play 7 tables pretty much lag free it just seems the more tables that load the animations and actions of the table seem to slow and tables break and have issues...
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By barterforit
im getting the sdame exact thing ...lag and loading message with java script errors. far as i can tell it has to do with the power shell environment and the 32 bit elevation service . havent quite pinned it down yet.
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