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By AndreasAPOEL
This issue has been mentioned several times on this forum & also on 2+2 but I haven't seen it acknowledged by a rep so I'll describe it once more...

I mostly play Blitz games so I'm not sure which other games are affected, but on Blitz specifically the main issue is getting auto-folded (& sitting out the following hand) mostly when we're in the UTG position.

This seems to happen due to a very brief disconnection (literally lasting less than 1 second), which is why it only really affects UTG. When we are sat in a different position, there's enough time to re-connect before our hand is folded. Whenever this happens, the message "You have successfully connected to our server" appears in the chat and if you pay attention, you'll see it quite often (but once again, if you're not UTG you will unlikely get auto-folded).

I don't know if this is a problem with the WPN servers but a simple precaution could be added to prevent this. Either force the decision time + timebank to be used when a disconnection happens instead of instantly auto-folding or add a separate disconnection timebank. Since the disconnection is very brief, most occurrences of this issue could be avoided by giving players even as low as 5 seconds to re-connect.
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By Pungentcrotchsweat
The time bank sound isn't working, whether it is custom or default. Thinking back I don't think it has been working for a while. Is there a fix/?
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By abgvedr
If you get to final table of MTT and close window, and then open it again - then style changes to default.
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