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By dapperdan098
My tables often disconnect briefly and my hand gets folded (mid hand) costing whatever chips are already in the middle. I don't think this is my internet connection. I get the circle thing in the middle and then sometimes a disconnect msg, so I click OK and it comes back quite quickly but usually the disconnect time bank doesn't kick in for some reason.

I multi-table mtts so this is getting costly for me.
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By WPN-Rep12
sorry for the late reply, any chance we can get a small recording of your session of when the issue occurs? i know it can be a pain, but it greatly improves our troubleshooting and reporting of the problem.
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By kansasgrind
on Black chip poker I transferred first 10$ to the new slot and it did not seem to work so I did it again and it worked fine but the first 10$ vanished into thin air! so I emailed yall, while waiting i tried to transfer the remaining 34$ in my account from poker to casino it also vanished from my poker account and my casino account! so their is 44$ and some change just gone!
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By I Love Mambo
To casino app crashed ( Bad Gateway Error) and my funds were never returned to my balance.
By mmill18
I'm a new user trying to get on for the first time.
When I open the ACR program on the my PC, the Live Update box comes up, finishes, gets to Unpacking New Version, then an error message pops up: "There was a problem decompressing. Please download the setup file again and install it. (Error: ENOENT:, no such file or directory, stat c:\AmericasCardroom\win"
I've tried downloading the setup several times, uninstalling and reinstalling, restart computer, but nothing changes and I can't get the program to open.
+1000000 for fixing waitlist issues. It's so frustrating to wait for a long time for a game and then get booted back to the end of the list due to a bug.

fix the behavior of the buyin box - It's very hard to top up your chips without deliberately stalling when it's your action. If you try to open the buyin dialogue and the action gets to you, it auto closes. At the very least make "ENTER" click the button so we can buy in more quickly
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By msroboto
I do not want to see the stacks as numbers of big blinds EVER.
I do not want the click on the seats to cause this to happen.
Why can't I turn this off.
FYI, I of course click the table to get it back to the top a lot so it just keeps happening and it's maddening.
Make it stop.
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