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By cwm9
"At first I was sad, then i was super glad"


"At first I w****ad, then i w****uper glad"

Surely you can verify that "was" is a word and "sad" is a word and that "was sad" does not need to be filtered?

The chat system is almost useless because almost half of what I type gets censored in some way over things that don't need to be censored. It becomes an exercise in frustration to evade the censor system just to have a friendly chat with someone.

Besides, you can already mute people, why worry about people using foul language in the first place? It's not like I haven't seen people evade the system in order to swear.
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By ACR Rep
Wolfkind7 wrote: Fri Mar 19, 2021 10:42 am Can we please get a hotkey for fast folding in blitz? With the current fold hotkey you can only fold when its your turn to act. Also when you use the current fold hotkey while playing multiple blitz tables and you are trying to fast fold it missclick folds on an other table.
Great, thanks. We'll get to that.
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By ACR Rep
cwm9 wrote: Wed Apr 14, 2021 2:11 pm Allow sounds to be replaced with custom sounds (simple .wav files), or at least offer different sound themes.
You're all set with this now.
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By Joe5474
You should have the option to do emojis at the table. Like running hot or cold. Loads of options. Thanks
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By LingYu123
Hope to play the tournament on the mobile phone. Can it be realized on the browser in the future? Or make an app.
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By Lighthearted
I would really wish for 2 things to be updated on the ACR Software.

Firstly, have the ability to also Fold a hand with a hotkey (preferably the same hotkey as the normal Fold) when its not yet ur turn to act. => Fold to any/Fold

Secondly, it would be great if the software would actually remember the tables positions in which they have been opened the last time. That would make multitabling a lot more convinient and one wouldnt have to rely on third party software for that.
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By Pungentcrotchsweat
Please slow down the runout on STUD pots when all players are all in. In a tournament players are often all in on 3rd or 4th street and the run-out runs too fast to follow who has what and you don't even know how you busted from the tournament without checking the replayer.
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