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By ACR Rep
Oct 27, 2021 - Downtime (6am to 8am ET)

- Purchase all-in equity (Play it Safe)
- Settings to self-exclude from certain games, limit the size of stakes you play, and limit the amount of buyins in certain time frames.
- Social hand sharing for observers (must use rail table ticket for that table)
- Center me automatically setting
- Waitlist placement indicator for cash games
- Beetlejuice Avatar
- Barbie table theme
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By Boosh24
Is it possible to ever have a friend list on here? I know some sites allow it and some don't. I don't really think it's an advantage... because if 2 players really wanted to they could call or message each other to find the table... But I have a few family members + friends who I invited to this site. And for example, my mother wanted to play a small $3 sit-and-go, and it was a pain in the butt to explain to her how to find the table. Btw I won that tournament, even tho she hit a 3 outer on her 1st all in against me. That's important...

I would just love to have a list of 3-5 ppl where i can find their table easily + play with them. And at the same time by us being friends... You could easily check if anything sketchy is going on since u have the names.

Just an opinion of mine. -crosses fingers-

PS: Always accepting Refer a Friend bonuses, if u ever feel kind enough to backdate whoever invited ppl. Brought at least 4 ppl :P
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