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By steamyKeet
Oh my gosh please don't add no 3-Bet tables. Your rake will be significantly reduced, your regulars will be unhappy b/c only a fish would play that game (no reg wants to play at a no 3Bet table), and most importantly -nits must be punished. Please don't bomb the ecosystem w/ this.
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By crucialj88
Lighthearted wrote: Wed Oct 27, 2021 5:16 pm I would really wish for 2 things to be updated on the ACR Software.

Firstly, have the ability to also Fold a hand with a hotkey (preferably the same hotkey as the normal Fold) when its not yet ur turn to act. => Fold to any/Fold

Secondly, it would be great if the software would actually remember the tables positions in which they have been opened the last time. That would make multitabling a lot more convinient and one wouldnt have to rely on third party software for that.

Absolutely agree! These would be amazing additions!
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By randomguy
1. please! now in betslider we always jump to clicked position. all i want is increase 0.5bb when i clicked on it (pokerstars has this option). made tons of huge open raises when multitabling
2. create the black button design on 1st buttons
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