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By abgvedr
Guys your STGI thing is kind of broken. And I have some cool suggestion on how to fix it.
Now what is the problem with it you ask? Problem is, that it does not work like a regular slot machine. it looks like the odds should be around 1 to 100, but it certainly not. And you guys tell just this on your web site. But this makes it even worse.
Its like giving the players a coin flip and saying 'Heads and you win' and then player flips it for 3 hours but its always Tails. If a player is smart enough to calculate the odds of heads or tails he would realize it does not work properly. If hes not smart enough he would feel it.
Its like taking the RNG out of this Slot Machine and this is whats really really wrong.
People already have enough doubt in poker RNG. And this thing here it just says that its NOT. When usually slot machines well they are rng. Maybe giving slight edge to casino, but its more or less RNG.
So this thing just gives to player more impression that hes just not winning here, his winning chances grow with the amount of money he puts on your room. And this is the opposite of the impression poker rooms realy strive to achieve.
Now its understandable that this STGI thing should not work the same way on small buy in mtts and large ones. Foks should not have opportunity to casually enter main event investing just few cents.
So here is a cool suggestion on how to fix it. You make different slot machines on different situations.
The bigger is the event you try to get in, the smaller is your betting size, the more cards should be used in a slot machine, adding 2-3-4-...9 according to the proper RNG odds, using more reels. and making combination higher.
Say for some $1 mtt you need to hit just a single pair, and for $100 mtt you must hit a full house. This should be a ton of fun and this would give proper odds to players.
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By abgvedr
What make you think i dont? I even say this in my post
" it looks like the odds should be around 1 to 100, but it certainly not. And you guys tell just this on your web site."
I ... Don't know guys. So far beyond understanding that formula i went in my post that ... I don't know.
Let me simplify a little what i meant.
The problem is that there is a contradiction between what player sees, and what he gets.
And i even made a perfect example of a coin flip ... Let me try it one more time.
For the given slot machine proper odds should be around ~1/100. But lets make it little simplier so my point would be more obvious. Lets make this not a slot machine, but a game of coin flip.
Heads - and you get in. Tails - and youre out. But actually you will be calculating odds with your formula.
So then a guy would be sitting there for 3 hours and it always will be tails.
And guy would feel like he just got fooled.
He thought okay this is coin flip it must be fairly simple to hit set. But then he gets unrealistic behaviour.
Because what you see must work properly. You cannot just change the odds for a certain game. You need to find a proper game to get the odds that you need.
And you even use only cards from T to A, which gives even more impression that its easy to get set.
Now i think you guys did not do this on purpose. I kind of like your room and i dont even want to think like this.
Again. It looks like one game. It really is completely different game. It looks fairly easy. But the outcome is very difficult. Folks are getting fooled by looks of it.
Because you cannot change the odds.
If you calculate the odds behind the scene for such a simple thing like this, how can i be sure you not calculating some weird odds also for poker? It compromises image of your poker room.
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By abgvedr
The main thing about those online gambling games - is RNG.
One does not simply take this factor off and think it all be fine. Im very sure a lot of folks had problems with this spin to get in thing. If you just casually take RNG factor from a simple thing like this, maybe you can do this even in poker?! Thats what folks could be thinking.
Making me think i can hit that set, even using cards from T to A but not a whole deck, making it look even more simple to hit set, but in reality its all the opposite.
And then you have that double or nothing thing. Why do i believe now that odds should be 50/50?
You just told that you can calculate the odds behind the scenes. Maybe now you using some weird formula to make it more profitable for you. I dont know.
Its the image that must stay clean.
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By ACR Rep
Ah...I see what you're saying. You're talking about the ACTUAL odds of having a 3 of a kind out of a deck of those cards. I actually never thought about that. Very interesting. I'll mull that over for a while. Many thanks for the feedback.
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By abgvedr
Thing is, it looks like when odds become insignificant, you can make them little bit insignificantER, and folk wont tell the difference. But if folk plays enough poker he can tell you how often he hits set. And compare that performance with what he gets out of this STGI.
Thats why you just need to make a proper slot machine that has proper odds so folk knows and feels whats up. So folk sees a 5 reel slot machine that says 'Full House and you are in' and he knows okay i had full house 3 times yesterday i think im fine with those odds.
And then for different buy-ins you have different combinations folk must hit to get in.
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