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Couple of minor annoyances that I'm assuming should be easy to implement:

- When clicking hand history from the table, have the hand history open directly to that table. Not sure what table it's set to open to now, but it's never the current one so you have to then click the drop-down menu and find your current table every single time you want to see a hand that was just played.

- Skip antes option in the replayer. The replayer is a laggy mess if going step by step (two clicks to advance one action with added in lag), so it's generally easier to just click play. However, having to see antes one by one is brutal and makes the replay take about twice as long as it should.
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By Hightower87
I would like to suggest that Acr get the all in% when people are all in.. also can we get blitz-rathole for all stakes please... what about 5card plo and shortdeck?? !
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By tyme2gamb000l1
I think this is a solid option for midstakes as well.

Phil Nagy mentioned some "USA Only" tables. Could these be created ? A few trial tables were created prior to the V2 software upgrade, but haven't been around since the upgrade last may. It would sure be nice to be able to play without 3-4 players from eastern Europe (which some % are bots). I think these would be very popular for any American player.
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By tyme2gamb000l1
I think this is a great idea (coming from someone who grinds midstakes almost daily.)

Also, any chance we can get some "USA only" tables added ? Phil Nagy mentioned this at some point last year and even implemented some USA only trial tables at 3/6 PLO, but they were removed when the V2 software was rolled out. I think they would be very popular. I think we can all agree it would be more enjoyable to not have to play with 3-4 players from Eastern Europe (most of which are bots. disclaimer: I realize there are some actual real players so it's not a knock on the entire area).
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By ACR Rep
Gargantuatua wrote: Sun May 10, 2020 8:07 am I suggest to merge 2/4$ blinds and 3/6$ => 2.5/5$
Pokerstars/partypoker did it already
I like this idea, too. I told the gameplay owner. We'll see if it takes.
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By NooWhammy
I would like to see a $33 on demand sng, preferably make it 6max to stand out would be nice. However right now there is a 16.50 and a 55. There is a large gap in between. it takes massively different bankrolls to play the two. leaving a large portion of players and bankrolls without a proper on demand buy in to play. These sngs carry great value because they are the only ones that offer double points..i think the same goes for MTTs. There are very few 33s or even 22s on the schedule..
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By TheLastGodFather
I love changes!

BUT .. why changes are not good completely?

Why choose this font , is hard too read this in tables and why not let white ... if you dont have background black is more hard read!

Why not put one decimal in convert BB ?

And agree with focus table.

Lets do changes but good changes pls!
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By BabyByeByeBye
Would really like if there were an option to request hand histories, without emailing support. This would be helpful with maintaining accurate results in our databases when there are disconnects. For example yesterday I lost a big pot just as the site crashed and as a result no HH was written, so according to my database I never lost that hand so my winnings are overstated.
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