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Is there anyway you could slow down the end of the hand. It goes by so fast! Most times I am left scrolling through the chat bar to figure out what the heck happened!!
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By LosingReg
theres a feature that moves you into the Big Blind the hand after you just played the Big Blind! Bloody Brilliant work guys!!! keep it up
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By LosingReg
coolforummember wrote: Sat Aug 29, 2020 5:45 am Hello

Please make an option to disable the BB/Currency Toggle.

I never want to see chips as 'BB' but if i barely click my mouse over a user it can be a neusance.

Thanks for hearing my suggestion.
i mentioned that months ago, gl!
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By TheLastGodFather
Any update on this functions with hotkeys ... fold, all-in and table cycle, next, most urgent it can be posible have it in some point?
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Your software's cash game add money function works in a weird way, need to have table balance+ top up amount IN THE CASHIER to make a top up, so say I have 400$ at the table, want to top up 200$, I need to have 600$ available money in the cashier. If I want to make 200$ top up why do I need extra 400$?
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By GinHouse
PLEASE add private cash games. I want to play with my friends and I can't because every time we join a table it gets filled up with randoms.

My name on BlackChip is GinHouse

PLEASE add private cash games, I'm not talking about private tournaments which you guys already provide. Can we please be able to make a private cash table so we can play with friends? Thanks.
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By Pungentcrotchsweat
Full Tilt had a nightly set of tournaments they called daily double, something like that. The tournament had an extra fee, but there was a bonus prize pool split by all the people who double cashed, made two final tables or won a larger amount if they win both tournaments. Any thought to doing that here?
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By Berserko
Can we get an a confirmation box / require a double press of the bet button for going all in? I have gone all in accidentally a few times with the current set up. Just lost a stack because of it :(
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