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By This Fish Chums
The stat box is constantly having the "Next Blinds:" line go out of the section so you can't see how many minutes the next blinds will actually be in. You could solve this if you move the "in 3min" to the title section instead. For example:
Next Blinds in 3min: | 75/150 (15)
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By HybridDadMatt
With the masking of player names coming up soon, is there any way we can bring back HU regular tables like they were before with 4 per stake? Could we at least open the discussion of what could lead to bringing it back?
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By Old man
Sit n go’s:
Have two tables available to register instead of waiting for first to fill up.
Add double or nothing sit n gos

Additional 1-2 tournaments at night similar to
nightly $80-$8 $50k guarantee

Add name to signature Sunday event. As simple as ACR Sunday main event.

Cap re entries to at most 4 and attempt to lower late registration period. If need be lower guarantees. Need to start catering to recreational players.

Preflop should only have a 20 second time bank.
Postflop time bank is fine.

Cash games:
Add mix games.
Big O

Double board bomb pots that occur reverse button every orbit.

Have private cash game groups. Instead of playing on app sites people in local poker communities can play together on your site.
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By Old man
Also min cashes in tourneys should always be double your buyin. There’s no reason for all these small pay jumps every 10 people busting.
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By Wolfkind7
Can we please get a hotkey for fast folding in blitz? With the current fold hotkey you can only fold when its your turn to act. Also when you use the current fold hotkey while playing multiple blitz tables and you are trying to fast fold it missclick folds on an other table.
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By cwm9
Allow sounds to be replaced with custom sounds (simple .wav files), or at least offer different sound themes.
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By cwm9
Please rework the hand replayer. It's slow and frustrating to use. I don't need to see games play out like I'm watching an instant replay: I just want to be able to quickly browse through recent hands and see an at-a-glance text-and-cards-only overview of the action of the game from beginning to end. I should be able to move from game to game instantly without having to wait for the screen to refresh, and I should be able to use the up and down arrows to switch games, not scroll through a small list. The listing should be the entire height of the screen, not limited to a small box in the corner.

Thank you!
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By cwm9
Can you please fix the text filter so it doesn't filter out non-offensive words?

For instance, the filter will star out anything that starts with fu, such as fun, funny, full, etc. I get what you are trying to stop, but surely you can untrigger the filter on obviously non-offensive words.

https://www.thefreedictionary.com/words ... rt-with-fu

I'm sure there are other blocks, but it's super annoying to say something innocent and then have it blotted out and look like you were rude when you weren't.
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By Wildwoolsy
My suggestion:
While I am on waiting list it would be nice to highlighted the table in the lobby. It is highlighted only when I am already sitting at the table.
Regarding to cash games regular tables.
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