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By Vitoria
Hi i think it is time to take a look at all the Russian accounts that constantly play turbo sit and gos, i am not saying they are cheating but more and more Russian accounts continue to rise in the sit and gos, all of them very consistent winners, most of them playing almost every day and sharing most tables. I am not feeling very safe playing in this environment so until prove otherwise i will stop playing on the site, there are more of these accounts but i will say a few that almost sleep at the site so gm oogway, bluespinel, viroforti, vipvpip, denturbo are some of the most active and lucrative accounts
gg poker released 5 card plo and it was a banger! i tihnk acr should do the same! plo is lacking on acr and i think this would bring more action to the plo streets, would also bring in alot of players that play on smaller sites and poker bros that love to play 5 card plo.
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