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By ACR Rep 2
Hey guys we will like to ask you guys what new features you guys want us to add next.
In the past year we have done:
  • Show chips in # of BBs
    Custom Bet Sizing
    Hot Keys
    Progressive KOs
    Run it Twice
    Individual Table Felt Graphics
    Tournament Summaries for PT and HEM
In the next 6 months we have this coming out:
  • Staking
    Run it 3 times
    Play it safe
    Grinder mode
    Fold and show
    MTT's on mobile
    Multi-table Table Management Tools
    Self-Exclusion Settings
The question is What do you guys want us to add? What is a must for you when you play poker?
I'm looking forward to seeing how your custom sounds play out next week.

Current 6 max games have poor chip placement in the bottom right and left seats where it is confusing where the bets are made and blinds posted.

I think there could be better/ more options to choose from both the table and felt and backgrounds and even the new cards aren't very functional. They can be difficult quickly differentiate between certain ranks.

I would like to see the $16.50 stud 8 tourney that runs 3 nights a week at 6pm Pacific run nightly.

Happy with the tournament structures and offerings but just curious why the move from 9 max to 8 max?
I would like to be able to program the bet size buttons to exact sizes of bets. For example on PokerStars I have my preflop buttons set to 2.2bb and 2.9bb. I have my postflop buttons set to 31% and 62%. I can change them anytime even while I'm playing.

I'd also like to be able to use my own avatar if I want.

I'd also like to see blackjack tournaments.

Thanks for providing a great site!
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By WestonM
1. Taking notes and adding player color labels in the hand replayer
2. More player color labels (Maybe custom colors?)
3. Assigning labels to each of the colors (so it's easier to remember what each color means).
4. Default initial buyin amount (on blitz tables specifically. I have to type in 100BB each time I open up a new table)
5. One more bet sizing button?
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