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By samtheman
Overall the site has improved a ton over the past two years and definitely appreciate you guys providing a site for Americans to play on. Imo couple things that I think would make it better.

When you create an account you should be confirmed before being allowed to played. Similar to crypto sites that have you take a selfie with valid identification.

Cash games should have option to host private games. There's a reason why the apps are popular. Lots of players that don't want to play with euros/Russians/Brazilians and or play with people they know.
Mix games should be a priority. Lots of mix players in US that would join network if you guys had it.

MTTs would benefit from reducing time bank or eliminating it especially preflop for multiple reasons. Here's a video explaining one reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmNgd9jjs7I
Also might be just me but the I can't stand that min cashes are not double the buy-in. Poker live and online has gone this way and not sure why.
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