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Today, we’ve launched important updates to our Security and Game Integrity policies. https://www.winningpokernetwork.com/sec ... ty-policy/

What’s new:

Clause 4.1.2 amplifies the definition of acceptable starting charts to avoid misinterpretation.
Clause 4.2.3 amplifies the definition of RTA (Real Time Assistance) to clarify the full extend
Clause 4.2.5 amplifies the definition of forbidden preflop and post-flop forbidden charts that goes beyond section 4.1.2
Clause 4.2.6 Added to cover Web Base charts navigation services as a form of forbidden RTA
Clause 6.5 amplifies the definition of Ghosting to avoid misinterpretation and consider it as a form of RTA

Other minor semantics and grammar improvements to re-enforce intention and prevent misinterpretations
Regarding clause 6.1, players are actually allowed to create an account on each WPN skin as long as don’t play at the same time, or MTT at different times, circumvent penalties received or attempt any other type of abuse. We are currently evaluating rewording this clause for clarification.
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