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By str4ng3r
This players: Brian Hastings, Scout327, tempstation breaking site rules and camping on 25/50 PLO tables while big recreational player is in the lobby. There reason to have guaranteed places on the table in case recreational player sits down.
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By temptstation
I just coincidently saw this as somebody pointed me to this.

I was not aware that this was not allowed. Can you clarify if it is indeed not allowed to stay seated at a table until one gets automatically removed by the software?

Of course, I will immediately stop doing it if that is the case.
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By Game_Integrity_WPN
Such behavior falls indeed under our Gameplay conflict of interest policy:

7.4 Non-aggression external agreements: Any agreements between players or groups of players to exploit any element unrelated to hands in play, that might include but not limited to schedule agreements, unstated or implied non-aggression patterns by simply avoiding or denying action.

Learn more by accessing: https://www.winningpokernetwork.com/sec ... integrity/
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By temptstation
Ok, thanks for clarifying. I will not stay seated when a game breaks in the future unless I am intending to brb.

Given how 7.4 is phrased I just want to make sure that it is understood that there is no agreement between me and other player about sitting out. I just sat out as the game was going to break stayed seated in case it would start again.
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By Game_Integrity_WPN
"7.4 Non-aggression external agreements" It`s meant to cover a wider set of practices that might lead to unfair scenarios and that goes against the good spirit of the game.
Thanks for your commitment.
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By Bigblindbets
Hi I'm a mid-highstakes NL player at WPN.

The current lobby setup is causing some poor incentives and rewarding behaviour that's disruptive for everyone except the person doing it.

3 main issues are occuring:
- someone spams opens tables continuously with no intention of playing
- The current lobby setup at WPN forces HU play at 6max tables
- Scripters have edited the software to allow any amount of lobbies to open. Where as standard regs are forced only to observe one at a time

This is causing HU regs to try and get action at a game the tables weren't intended for. Refusing to play 3max and often even leaving as soon as it goes 6max.

Two improvement's could be made by using the standards of pokerstars. They operate a king of the hill structure where only 1 table of each stake is available in which 2 people can sit without playing but if a 3rd person joins then play is enforced unless one leaves. At that point a fresh table opens unless someone else competes for it.

And HU is a very popular format. It would he good if the people that wanted to play it had a space on the site to play it instead of being forced to try and get action at 6max tables.

These two improvement's would likely improve all 3 outcomes.
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By Game_Integrity_WPN

For game offering suggestion (HU) please post them at the game offering thread: viewforum.php?f=14&sid=7d0a295bc8be03138d542998ea16a57d

As per the other issues, we`ll deploy a couple of upgrades within the next few weeks in order to avoid abuses of the seating logic, such as table camping, scripting, Bumhunting, and other unwanted scenarios that might lead to unfair advantages: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=24&sid=7d0a295bc8be ... 98ea16a57d

As well, if you feel that there is any blatant abuse don`t hesitate to report the screenname and details to GameIntegrity@WinningPoker.com
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