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By joker49
I have been a long time ACR player. I have verbally spoken to people before as well as chatted with them. I also know personally people such as Justin Kelly (AmericasCardroom Twitch commentator). Today I received an email from "Gameintegrity" stating the following,


At Winning Poker Network, we’re committed to make sure our games remain fair and honest. Part of that effort includes randomly selecting accounts for human verification.

Your account has been selected and we kindly ask that you complete the following 2 steps.

Step 1: Send us the following:

- A picture of your photo ID
- A selfie of you and your ID
- A recent utility bill
- A 10 second video stating the following information.

First and Last Name:

Favorite Game:
Current location:

Also, while recording please hold your ID right next to your face, please use a different ID such as driver license or any other government issues ID.

Step 2: Answer the following:

- What is your usual playing schedule?
- What type of games and limits do you usually play?
- What kind of device you use to connect to our site?
- What external assistance tools do you use while playing on our site?
- Please share with us some of your poker background and experience?
- What source or poker group/school do you usually use to learn/improve your poker strategy?
- What can you tell us about your live poker participation, please share with us any social media channels or websites events might keep records of events that you had participated such as Hendonmob, or local poker rooms social media channels.

After discussing with a few people I have gone ahead and submitted the requested information. However I do have serious concerns about the security of sensitive information that we as players are sending. While I completely and %100 support this initiative and the benefits it brings to us as players, it does open another concern then as players regarding the methods in which this data is used and stored. That email asks for the same kind information that someone who wants to try social engineering hacks to get into accounts or open them. This information that WPN is collecting would normally be required here in the US to be stored in certified facilities and WPN themselves would have to obtain certain levels of security compliancy. So while you are working to make WPN sites safe and fair for the players what steps are you taking to ensure that all this data you are collecting isn't going to be leaked by a hack. We already know that WPN sites are under constant attacks from DDoS and such. What happens when somebody breaks in and gains access? How is this data being stored? Who has access to it beyond the gameintegrity group?

Before you keep this push going you should push that on the site. Your privacy page and Ts&Cs page are insufficient in todays world. WPN needs to step up its game when it comes to ensuring its players their data is safe. I am more than open to further conversations and even discussions on tactics being taken or advice on other practices since I am in the IT security sector.

In addition to this, it would be nice if advance warning to players could be given. It is unfortuante that I received this email this morning and found my account to be suspended while I go through the process. Depending on backlog who knows how long I will miss and with tourney series going on right now it is not only disappointing is it a let down for plans a player may make. At least a 24 hour notice/window to provide the information would give players ample time to procure information and submit.

Finally, I know we are all still recovering from the way the world went with COVID, but dealing with support via emails is extremely troublesome. There is no chat even. If matters like this are going to be dealt with over email I can see a decent amount disgruntled players leaving to play more in person than through WPN sites.

I look forward to your response.

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By Game_Integrity_WPN
Seems like a part of our standard security checks, every player might be subject to such and we kindly request all our players to comply within a timely manner.

Once complete your security check our game integrity team will evaluate our findings and provide you with a fair resolution.

We appreciate your cooperation.
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By joker49
You reply didn't respond to any of my questions or statements. Does WPN take feedback even?

I sent all my info in and now 24 hours later still sitting with a suspended account. How can WPN make this a random thing and suspend the account at the same time. It is starting to not feel random and more like it was intentional. What happens when one of your golden boys/gals gets this random identity check before a big tourney or even a Venom tournament? You are jeopardizing their revenue ability.

So i ask it again is WPN open to adjusting this random event so at least the players get 24 hours to comply? I promise you if it happened to someone like Michael Loncar on Sunday he would be on the phone with everyone to get it removed. I spoke to Justin Kelly right when it happened and he was told by someone at ACR that this procedure is set in stone and that EVERYONE has to go through it NO EXCEPTIONS. So do fellow ACR streamers get preferential treatment or if they can't stream for 1,2, maybe even 3 days that is too bad for them?

When will my check be done? How long does this take? These are questions I don't have answers to.
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By Game_Integrity_WPN
To be clear, the forum is not a place to engage in an individual discussion nor to publicly address a particular case, please address your individual concern via e-mail.
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By joker49
The forum is not the place to discuss WPN procedures or offer some guidance on current policies? While i agree I have been directly impacted by them and I still going through with the verification. My purpose for this post is to ask questions that the entire community should be asking. It is also in the best interest of WPN's commitment to integrity to comment on these questions and suggestions.

If WPN's position that items such as this should not be brought up on YOUR OWN forum then what is the purpose here? You guys just looking for suck ups to come on and display gratitude toward updates? I thought coming here was better than taking to Twitter.

You guys keep dictating what can and can't be done on your forums that's fine. I will stop using them and people will quickly see how irrelevant they are.
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