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As you might have noticed our latest update from 4-14-2020 included some changes as to how players can observe and monitor a cash game table:

- Players' information such as nicknames, labels, and stacks are restricted to observers. Once you are dealt into the game after paying a blind you`ll unlock your opponents' information, not before.

This is meant to protect our players from predatory practices such as scripting, bumhunting, and data mining

- WPN rooms won`t run in the presence of forbidden software

As of now, players can’t open the poker client while running prohibited software. That means you can’t play poker while using banned External Assistance Tools. We`ll be constantly updating this feature and we welcome players' feedback as to which external tools are way too much.

Players are welcome to join the discussion regarding these new features, as are meant to protect our players and ensure a fair environment for our poker community.

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https://www.americascardroom.eu/poker-b ... mechanger/
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