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By aussieAA
There is still so many bots on your site. are you still looking into them?? or given up??
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By Game_Integrity_WPN
Aside of the software improvements we have made to prevent bots from operating, we also actively review every single report made by our players. Please send an e-mail to gameintegrity@winningpokernetwork.com including the nicknames you`ll like us to evaluate including your observations why you believe might be using a Bot. Or PM us with that information.
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By yellowboy77
I sent a list of bots that i know, would i get any reply with any info about investigation?
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By yellowboy77
The last update(bans) almost 1 year ago...?
Did u security team had a long vocation or u didnt get any report for bots\colluding for 10+ months?
Well, i hope im wrong with my bot reports, and u have the most cleanest environment in the industry, but its very hard to believe in our days poker reality. :roll:
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By Theone1
Game_Integrity_WPN is being intentionally obtuse / vague with you because he has no better answer than to refer to the list from well over two months ago, which at the time we were told would be continually updated and of course to this date told it would be. Lies.
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By yellowboy77
Hello guys,

I made little more research and putted everything into a tab, which is easy to read.

So, i will repeat once again, there are bunch of bots at all poker tables on all networks, who is using one IA(intelligence algorythm). And it's most easy to detect stats are:

*Very high continuation bet frq in multyway pots( 3 or more players on the flop)
* They all play almost same preflop stats, with little differences VPIP 31(+-2%) PRF 20(+-2%)


I also have added bots from other networks, with the same tendencies, just for extra example, u can skip those nickname, it's only for extra information.

I uploaded bunch of screenshots, u can take a look only on screenshots where ur network is in the file name.

I also added random regs from different networks and their stats in the tab and to the screenshots, so u can see how different stats are from bot's stats. U will see it on the tab in green area.

Hope it will help u to make ur poker tables more or less free of bots.

Sent that to support with more screens, post it here mb someone who read it will try to find bots on their own database by info in the file.
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By Game_Integrity_WPN
We appreciate your report our Game Integrity team had received your e-mail, we`ll do our due diligence and take the necessary actions.
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By LosingReg
is it me or do these russian/belarusian players never use timebank. therefore they are all bots and ban them all
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By yellowboy77
i dont have very good knowledge about how bots work, but i think they should get info from the client about cards, stacks etc.
If so, then there is another way to add extra "warning flag" for suspected "players".
Just slightly update the code of ur software, where stacks, cards and all that info will be changed, just a bit.
All real players will continue to playing as they always does. But BOTS will stop playing for a while(or would play with some errors\missplays etc), before their developers release new update that fix the problem, that was caused by ur update.
I know some poker apps, like pokerbros are doing those updates every week or so and 1 of the reasons for updates is because of that problem.
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