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you are always welcome to post in the forum your concerns about certain players and we will take a look.

ps. any serious claim needs to be backed by evidence or your post gets turned into a NO NO gif for free.
Omg wow see guys I tried to tell you it you posted nonsense they would make responses to your less direct posts rather than address my extremely direct one

This is a joke. Respond to my legitimate, direct questions from my post on page 2 asking for more clear info on next round of bot refunds for those that HAVE been confirmed by y'all. The rest of you who aren't reps for the site don't post anymore crap claims until they address what I said jfc.
It's crazy I was able to literally predict that would happen. Now give us a real update it's been over a month since last one your other tremendous recent issues shouldn't have stalled the bot refunds that were supposedly already in the works for almost a year now. We only received 21 bots worth on March 13th and we're told there would be more soon with regular updates. Update us!?!?

Now, like I asked in the previous post, which took you weeks to respond to with "we will give an update when it is ready"...

can you give an indication of WHEN that will be? Or you just literally have NO clue?

(Here's to hoping you respond in a reasonably fast timeframe... I imagine no chance your response will be today though)
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