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By LosingReg
so the software automatically sits me out after folding in mtts when i havent clicked sit out or anything....cool new feature guys, keep up the great innovations
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By Pungentcrotchsweat
Still hoping for custom sounds like we had before and a larger/better selection of cards. Since we can no longer mod our own art files, the software is BORING
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PLEASE change it back to where the player cards are turned over and there's at least a SLIGHT delay before the cards are dealt on an all-in.

With the hyper speed change that you made, the flop is flipped at the exact same time as the hand of the other player who is all-in, and you are left scrambling to see if you are ahead/behind/outs and can only figure it out basically as the river is being dealt.
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I would totally play a Heads Up Tournament... or maybe a 3-4 round Heads Up Sitngo.... A defunct pokersite that will remain nameless used to do them every so often, and they were my absolute favorite... not because I did well in them (absolutely not) but because it kept me constantly engaged and not waiting around for playable cards or for other people to end a hand.
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By RafaGrinder
Some regular tournaments could have a late registration time shortened. Sometimes 4 hours is too much and many players stop playing the early game to enter, or re-enter, the last levels of blinds near the end of the late registration.
Obviously, I don't have to go against each player's strategies, but if they decrease that LR it would be less boring.
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By coolforummember

Please make an option to disable the BB/Currency Toggle.

I never want to see chips as 'BB' but if i barely click my mouse over a user it can be a neusance.

Thanks for hearing my suggestion.
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By AlexOptional
when scrolling up or down on the stats section on the table this should not also raise and lower the betting wheel. This will cause misclick bet sizings. Thanks
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