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By ACR Rep
Our refund policy is unmatched in the poker industry.

Everything is out in the open, giving players full visibility and the ability to verify the refund amounts.

Which accounts were banned?
Who is refunded?
Why they were refunded that amount?

Players have ALL the information.
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By ACR Rep
This policy hasn't been used since we launched the new software on May 21st, 2019. We're now ready to begin this policy again.

However, players should be aware that our new software allows us to both police players AND work to prevent bots from playing on the network altogether. Most sites try to catch bots after they're already on the tables. WPN is taking efforts to fight the bot software from ever working on the software to begin with. Therefore, we have way fewer refunds than we had previously.

We continue fighting bot software providers with every client update.

Fewer bots make it to the tables = Fewer refunds from being exposed to bots. #good4poker
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