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By Game_Integrity_WPN
WPN had recently updated their Security and Game Integrity Policy that can be found by accessing the following link: https://www.americascardroom.eu/poker-c ... integrity/

The policy contains a comprehensive guide for our community regarding how to conduct in our tables, prohibited behavior, External Assistance Tools (E.A.T), penalties, compensation policy and more.

We would like to open up this topic to discuss said section, so please this is your space for feedback.
An update has been made to our Security and Game Integrity Policy to add our conditions regarding "Policies enforcement" and disclaimers to "External assistance tools (EAT)" developers: https://www.winningpokernetwork.com/sec ... integrity/

This policy is meant to provide our community with clear and comprehensive guidance regarding our efforts to enforce and ensure a fair environment for our players.
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By nobam

Can you explain paragraph 4.1.4 ?

In the client of the room, you can configure ANY five values of the buttons on the postflop in % of the pot. For example, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% and 80%. What's the difference if the hotkey clicks on the "70%" button (acceptable functionality) and enters a value (70% of the pot) into the betbox of the table (prohibited functionality)?
Hello, 4.1.4 is currently under the acceptable tools section (Subject to change).

4.1.4 "Hotkey tools that enhance or abbreviate your actions through specific keyboard commands. Mathematical or arithmetical calculations of any sort must not be involved at the time when executing any hotkey action"

Yet, keep in mind that WPN does not endorse nor support the use of any 3rd party tool. As well WPN has plans to released improvements regarding our own hotkeys early next year viewtopic.php?f=3&t=24, meaning that any external HotKeys tool might not be longer tolerated.
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