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By Game_Integrity_WPN
WPN is responding to our poker community that is demanding a wider and heavier position against the abuse of External Assistance Tools such as seating scripts.

A seating script is a piece of software that automatically secures the user a seat at any table, without the player having to manually navigate the poker lobby and taking a seat. Additionally, these tools can be configured to target certain players to always reserve a seat when they sit down.

This creates a predatory game environment while creating an unfair advantage for the user of this type of software.

Up until very recently, we did allow some types of scripts to be used that by design, were not used to target players. But, after further review, we feel like none of these tools should be allowed on any Winning Poker Network Site.

As a result, it is our decision to completely ban any type of seating script.

Within the weeks to come, we will be making software improvements to help prevent this type of software from operating on our site. Additionally, we have internal tools of detection, and accounts are being actively suspended and warned.

We will diligently continue these efforts to ensure the standards and expectations of our player community are met.
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By Game_Integrity_WPN
Please be aware of WPN T&C`s update regarding Seating Scripts usage: https://www.winningpokernetwork.com/terms-conditions/

3.6 The use of any external tool that provides an unfair advantage to the user is strictly prohibited.
Specifically, any tool that automatically performs any of the following actions is not allowed:
1. Reserving a seat
2. Securing a seat
3. Real-time hand analysis/advice
4. Player nickname targeting
5. Player labeling
6. Collecting data on hands the user is not actively a part of

Play patterns that indicate the use of an external tool, or any player behavior deemed as predatory by our security team will result in the following penalties:

1st offence: 3-day suspension
2nd offence: 1-month suspension
3rd offence: Permanent account ban

We found just fair to give users a reasonable warning to refrain these practices and ensure a fair environment to our community .
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By Game_Integrity_WPN
Please be aware of our Security and game integrity policy updates: https://www.winningpokernetwork.com/sec ... integrity/ regarding the usage of seating scripts:

4.2.9 Seating script software which may perform but are not limited to the following functions:

Reserving a seat
Securing a seat
Player nickname targeting
Player labeling
Collecting data on hands in which the user is not actively a participant

As well the Unethical behavior and conflict of interest updates:

5.3 Bumhunting: The practice of over-targeting a certain player population, or a specific player.
7.4 Non-aggression external agreements: Any agreements between players or groups of players to exploit any element unrelated to hands in play, that might include but not limited to schedule agreements, unstated or implied non-aggression patterns by simply avoiding or denying action.

The combination of the above rules are meant to protect our players from potential seating script abusers, that over target certain player populations and damage the spirit of the game.

Please be aware that seating script developers are fully aware that the use of their products will lead to penalties including a permanent ban, however, they might encourage you to try their products and challenge WPN Game Integrity detection methods. Keep in mind that whatever "Upgrades" they made, promising to keep you "under the radar" are meant to trick "YOU" into purchasing their forbidden tool never our detection methods nor any penalty that might carry if the usage of a seating script is confirmed.
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