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By ACR Rep
tldr: In terms of playing with real humans, Americas Cardroom is the best online poker card room, hands down. Americas Cardroom is now the leader in the industry, making poker a battle among human players, keeping the poker tables free of poker bots.

What is a poker bot?

The History:

Poker bots have been a sore spot in the poker industry for years. Reputable poker sites, like AmericasCardroom, do not permit these bots on the software.

However, the fight against bots is a struggle on every site. Turns out bot users do not heed poker site’s terms and conditions and are unconcerned with being ethical humans. The bot creators and bot users constantly work to break terms and conditions and cheat the poker economy.

Americas Cardroom has never permitted bots to play on the network. However, we were never the best at fighting bots. In 2019, we made a decision to do our best. To be THE best at fighting bots.


A year later, we’re looking in the rearview mirror at the rest of the industry. No poker site is better at fighting bots than Americas Cardroom. It’s not close. And we’re not done. Every software release, we continue improving, and our game integrity team continues to improve their tools and efficiency to find those who break terms and conditions.

Reputable poker sites work to catch bots using statistical analysis, captchas, mouse movement detection, etc. This is fighting the bot users. Americas Cardroom uses these tools, too. However, we realized we could take the fight another direction, too. We could fight the bot creators and stop the problem before it even starts. Instead of catching bots, why not stop them from being functional on the site?

We’ve taken this goal seriously and our work is paying off. We research how the bots work, change our software to ensure the bots are unable to read the data they need to make decisions. We also employ google captcha throughout gameplay to ensure a human is present. We analyze gameplay after suspicious gameplay is detected.

What’s Happened:

1. As a result of our work, Americas Cardroom has been removed from the supported site list of every bot creator. These bots do not work on our software. Don’t take our word for it, have a look.


You either don’t see our site there, or you see it needs repaired. We are committed to maintaining this status.

Unfortunately, if someone wants to use a poker bot, they can be up and running in about an hour on any of our competitor’s sites. The site may catch them after some time, but the poker bot is already on the table playing against real players. We encourage other poker sites to take the same actions we are taking and make life hell for these bot creators.

2. Americas Cardroom launched the a transparent and verifiable banned account policy: https://www.winningpokernetwork.com/banned-accounts/

Some sites make claims to banning accounts and reimbursing players for foul play on the sites. There is no way for players to verify this. We could make a claim that we banned 1,000 accounts and reimbursed $1,000,000, but how would you know it was true? How do you know how much money you should receive?

We decided to open the records to all the players. We are the only site with a public policy on how reimbursements work. We are the only site giving public knowledge on what accounts were banned, who they played against, who got a reimbursement, how much they received, and why.

This transparent and verifiable concept is one we are working to take to other aspects of online gaming, too. So stay tuned.

3. We've deployed human verification tests and statistical analysis. Our security team reviews all results, and players who fail the human verification tests go through a protocol with our security team members. They must provide our team with information as well as duplicate their playing sessions on video.


Americas Cardroom is where you can be sure to play against real players. We’re incredibly proud of our work to provide you a bot-free card room. We won’t stop working to improve online poker and put a stop to the bad actors in the poker industry.
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