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When things go wrong...
Clarification of the payout adjustments made for our Million Dollar Sunday - $1,000,000 GTD Multiflight.

The Flight (Day1) blind structure was faster than anticipated after Late Registration was closed, cutting the percentage of players moving on to Day2 significantly.

As a consequence Day 2 payout structure (~12% of total field), paid more players (675) than actual players in Day 2 (289), the remaining "Non-awarded Prizepool" will be distributed evenly between actual Day2 Players (289).

This is a Summary of the payouts:
Players in Day 2: 289
Payout Places Paid in Day2: 675
Total Entries: 5,909 (x$200)
Total Prize Pool: $1,181,800

Total PrizePool Automatically Paid by the tournament: $1,006,893.60
Total PrizePool to be awarded manually: $174,906.40
Each Player credit: $174,906.40 / 289 = $605.21

Conclusion: Every Player in Day2 (289) will receive a credit for $605.21 for the adjustment that will show as "Day2 PrizePool Adjustment for Million Dollar Sunday TID 25511561" in your transaction history.

Please find the total breakdown by Clicking Here

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