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hi last year i played in blackchip poker and i hit 1m points so for this year i supposed to have this biggest vip rank(called icon there) if i also hit the monthly requirements in points, after hitting 100k points for this year my icon status dropped to the lower one( called legend) without reason as i fit the requirements in collecting points also for this year, i suspect that your system has a bug and when someone hits 100k points it convert his vip level to the legend even if someone has a bigger vip status as me, its correct if you come from a lower vip rank to a bigger one but not the opposite, i had sent an email to blackchippoker support but i didnt get any answer for that ,in this email i send all this explanations plus a video that i recorded exactly the time that i had hit the 1m points for the last year, i tried really hard to rich that vip level playing close to every day so i ll be able this year to get better rakeback and its really sad if this work goes to nothing, thanks and hope for your response
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